Bologna city

Bologna is one of the most important cities in italy which makes it rich of History and art.

The heart of The city is represented by Maggiore Square which The songwriter "Lucio Dalla" honored in one of his most famous songs "Piazza Grande". In this Square you can admire The tipical Historic portici, the San Petronio Basilica and the famous Nettuno fountain. On the side of the fountain you will find the Cathedral with Its chapels with large spaces. Going towards Via delle Clavature you will arrive to The S.Maria della vita church where there is preserved the sculptural group of the death of Christ, one of the most important sculptures in the story of art.

Other Attractions of this city are the world famous Slanting Towers 'The Torre della Garisenda (written in the Divina commedia by Dante) and the Towers of the Asinelli.

Museums (more than 40) and cultural initiatives are found all over the City: Among the most important there is : the Museo Civico Archeologico, the National Pinacoteca and the Museum Palazzo Boggi.

Last of all the Bolognese food, you will find lots of tipical restaurants all over the city, you could try the famous Tortellini filled up with minced meat or try the Crescentine ( a kind of flat bread) or a tipical Piadina with the Squacquerone soft cheese...